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    Minigame - Stone Blinky

    November 21, 2012 by Colmyo

    So this is my LATEST minigame (and new adjustment to series (this again!?).

    Project Blinky is a STORED project until I get 15 people to work with me and 8 for voices. I am also working on new Stone Blinky minigame, where your job is to chop down trees, get wood and make a castle from the Stone Ages. If you DO succeed in the job before nightfall, you can keep Blinks safe and expand. I am also working on a save system and possibly an iPhone game.

    Sound good?

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  • Colmyo

    Hello! So you may be wondering WHEN and WHAT the next Blinky game is. The next game is in work, and early Alpha testing is expected to begin sometime in Summer 2013. So in the meantime, the next game's name is unknown, and is just considered Project Blinky. The entire game is being done by a tiny group of 6, so in the meantime, some new minigames will come along. Happy editing!


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  • Colmyo

    New Blinky game

    September 25, 2012 by Colmyo

    Okay guys, I know I haven't released the other two Blinky games.

    They will be in the "Totally Epic Awesome Collection" along with the next game: Terminal Blinky.

    Okay, Terminal Blinky is about trying to save Blinkyville from stickies (Again!), and features new character Bluey and also introduces Blocky, one of the original characters from the Unpublished Series. You can browse through around 30 minutes of action and, if that is not enough for you, you get a SPECIAL cake at the end!!! Just kidding.


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  • Colmyo

    Blinky Survival Island

    July 16, 2012 by Colmyo

    There is a java applet indev by me, It will be first tested around Tuesday - Thursday and be released around January 2013 most likely. Leave a comment if you wish to get the test!!!

    Upcoming Versions
    Version Release Date Information Version 0.1 Soon First test
    Version 1.0 Late 2012

    First official version

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  • Colmyo

    Blinky iPhone Game

    July 2, 2012 by Colmyo

    So, for those who thought that there would never be a mobile Blinky game, here it is!!! You can play with Blinky for about 3 - 4 levels, as I am losing my Laptop (D:), so it will be a short Blinky game on iTunes for free. When it gets more levels in an update, I may update the price to 99c. It will just be a test. I am using YoYo Games to publish it (Thanks, Guys!).

    Look at the infobox to see if it is released yet.

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